Preemie Music Therapy

Improve your premature baby's breathing, heart rate and oxygen saturation.


In Munich at the Harlachinger Klinikum in the unit for premature infants, the background noise, which is caused by all medical instruments in the incubator and the surrounding noise, was registered.

In the sound studio these stress-producing noises were carefully “embalmed” with musical elements, in order that a noise-absorbing effect developed. Quiet music and surrounding noise merge into a positive harmonious symbiosis.

Premature baby sleeping in an incubator, listening to the music therapy.

A multiplicity of musicologic single components such as e.g.:

REPETITION (repetition: recurring elements in the music create confidence and security)

MINIMALISM (small, calm musical forms, which work reassuring)

PENTATONIE (in itself harmonious: prevents stress and creates free spaces for a healthy development)

flowed into the work.

After two years of highly detailed work our harmonizing music therapy was born. We called it: “the breath of a new life“.