The Breath of a New Life.mp3


• Improves oxygen saturation
• Stabilises heart frequency
• Stabilises respiration

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Suitable for: Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets.

Trusted and used by NICU Nurses and Doctors.

Duration: 43 Minutes.


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The Breath of a New Life is a tool that parents can use to help support the wellbeing of their premature baby.

Interested to read a medical opinion from a Prof. Dr. about this therapy, and to view the clinical results? Click here.

The objective was to develop a special musical sound world co-ordinated with the situation of the preemies in the incubator. The therapy invites babies in a completely natural and gentle way into life.

It is a music therapy which helps to support the important vital functions of the preemies:

  • Stabilization of respiration and heart frequency. In order to optimize the oxygen in the blood and brain.
  • Thus a possible reduction of the use of medicines.
  • Creation of a sheltered atmosphere for the baby through a special music therapy.

The music therapy is 43 minutes long, and its positive effects last for the next 40 to 60 minutes.

Important note, the music therapy is suitable for clinically stable premature babies, please ask your doctor if your preemie is clinically stable.

The Breath of a New Life, made with love.

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