Preemie Music Therapy

Improve your premature baby's breathing, heart rate and oxygen saturation.

The Breath of a New Life .mp3


.mp3 Suitable for Laptops, Smartphones and Tablets.
Trusted and used by NICU Nurses and Doctors.
• Increases the oxygen saturation in the blood.
• Stabilises the heart frequency
• Stabilises the respiration

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The objective was to develop a special musical sound world co-ordinated with the situation of the preemies in the incubator. The aim of the therapy is to invite babies in a completely natural and gentle way into life. A music therapy which helps to support the important vital functions of the preemies:

  • Stabilization of respiration and heart frequency. In order to optimize the oxygen in the blood and brain.
  • Thus a possible reduction of the use of medicines.
  • Creation of a sheltered atmosphere for the baby through a special music therapy. It should not only quieter than the noises in the incubator and the surrounding noise, but absorb them in the best possible way.


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