Preemie Music Therapy

Improve your premature baby's breathing, heart rate and oxygen saturation.

Music for NICU Babies: For NICUs and at Home

After being used for many years in European Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU), our clinically proven premature baby music therapy “The Breath of a New Life” is now available as an App to download. Trusted and used by NICU Nurses and Doctors.

Tibor Levay has created with this therapeutic music a supportive tool. It is scientifically proven to have a positive effect on premature babies.


  • Increases the oxygen saturation in the blood.
  • Stabilises the heart frequency
  • Stabilises the respiration

With the above mentioned benefits you will be able to actively contribute to the wellbeing of your child. 

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Music for NICU Babies.

Situation - Prematurity

  • The number of the premature infants born each year increases. Every year, an estimated 15 million babies are born preterm (before 37 completed weeks of gestation) (WHO 2018).
  • The medical and technical possibilities are meanwhile very good. The incubator helps the babies to develop and stabilize all vital functions such as the heart and respiration rate.
  • Through the use of medicines the not yet sufficiently developed vital functions are additionally supported.
  • It is a new tendency to improve premature babies quality of life in the NICU and their developmental period followed thereafter to reduce or avoid damages beyond that.

Problem: Through the necessary medical equipment, preemies in the incubators are exposed to a high noise volume. It is not possible to avoid the environmental noise by the hospital personnel in the respective unit rooms. The baby’s hearing is already completely developed in the 6th pregnancy month and it hears everything, it is thereby additionally set under stress.

Tibor Levay, the composer of the music for NICU babies, is playing the music to a preemie in an incubator.

Result:  Due to the medical progress today the chances of survival for prematurely born babies are very high. The risk of health impairments in later life can be decreased by additional therapies.


The objective was to develop a special musical sound world co-ordinated with the situation of the preemies in the incubator. The aim of the therapy is to invite babies in a completely natural and gentle way into life. A music therapy which helps to support the important vital functions of the preemies:

  • Stabilization of respiration and heart frequency. In order to optimize the oxygen in the blood and brain.
  • Thus a possible reduction of the use of medicines.
  • Creation of a sheltered atmosphere for the baby through a special music therapy. It should not only quieter than the noises in the incubator and the surrounding noise, but absorb them in the best possible way.

The Procedure

In Munich at the Harlachinger Klinikum in the unit for premature infants, the background noise which is caused by all medical instruments in the incubator and the surrounding noise was recorded.

In the studio these stress-producing noises were carefully integrated with musical elements that developed a noise-absorbing effect. Quiet music and surrounding noises merge into a positive harmonious symbiosis.

Premature baby sleeping in an incubator, listening to the music therapy. Music for NICU Babies.

The key components of the music therapy such as e.g.:

REPETITION (repetition: recurring elements in the music create confidence and security)

MINIMALISM (small, calm musical forms, which work reassuring)

PENTATONIE (in itself harmonious: prevents stress and creates free spaces for a healthy development)

flowed into the work.

After two years of highly detailed work our harmonizing music for NICU babies was born, we called it: “The Breath of a New Life“. 

Music for NICU Babies - FAQ

What is NICU Music Therapy?

Music therapy in the NICU includes live singing and or playing instruments to provide a calming effect for the baby. Our music therapy incorporates these elements into a dedicated recorded therapy.

Can premature babies listen to music?

Yes they can. It is very important that the music is not complex, but rather simple. Music that uses the Pentatonic scale has notes that do not create tension and therefore prevent stress, this helps for the baby to be calm. For instances some classical composers use certain chords changes in the music to create tension, followed by release, this is not optimal for premature babies.

How can I help my premature baby in the NICU?

The use of our music therapy has been clinically proven to improve premature babies breathing, heart rate, and oxygen saturation.

What is the difference between live music therapy and your Preemie Music Therapy?

Our music therapy was developed for years with scientific experiments and clinical studies. You can utilise it anytime your baby needs it.

When can premature babies listen to music?

Important: They can listen to music when they are clinically stable (ask your doctor). Listening times include after the Care procedure and in cases when your baby is not feeling well.

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