How to Use:

Application for Baby Music

Important information for the application of: "The Breath of a New Life"


Important: The music shall be played quietly. Hardly audible to adults. (To adjust to the optimal volume, please play the music from approximately 10 minutes onward until you hear the vocal. Now adjust the volume until the vocal is hardly audible. Then start the music therapy from the beginning) The structure of the music is constructed in that way that in the beginning only natural sounds are to be heard, which later supply the background for musical sounds.

Time of Play

The music plays for 43 minutes: The composition is a musical unity, which is build up so that certain determined musical parts repeat. On 70-75% of the children an immediate result is showing. After 15 minutes these amazing changes are still measurable: The values of the peripheral temperature have improved (i.e. hands and feet become warm).
 Precisely these values change again, so that after 40 minutes the peripheral values approach the central. For this reason the musical piece must be played without interruption as a unity.

Music Installation and Distance to the Baby

You can acquire a Mini Stereo installation. Please pay attention that the loudspeakers are installed in the incubator (or later at home) on the right and left side of the baby’s head away at 20-30 cm. See below. 

At the hospital

There are a lot of doctors and therapists in hospitals for Neonatology who already work with music. Many of them are open to it. If this is not the case, you have to ask the permission from your doctor.

At Home

If you play the music with a portable stereo installation, which must not be in very close proximity of the infant, 2-3 m are enough. The sound of the music should be reduced in such a way that you can hardly perceive the music when you enter the room. If you still work with the monitor you can observe the reaction of your infant to the music. Read More…

It is clear that best results of all values (heart, lungs and oxygen) are visible and obtained when the infant, is in its mothers or fathers arm or is touched and stroked by its parents. The biggest stress the baby feels are during it’s care (washing, change nappies, during massage). You can play the music after the care.

After Effect

Our experiences have shown all values remain stable for 40 to 60 minutes after the music has been played. This is why the music should be played 4 times a day. The best results are obtained during the time of rest (not during care of the baby, but after the care has been completed).

When Agitated

If your baby is very agitated you can repeat the play of the music once or twice more.

Night Time

Our experiences have show that the children feel pleasant towards the music. Playing the music before bedtime helps to have peaceful sleep.

Older Children

If your child goes through a period of stress and you realize that he/she is nervous and agitated, you can play the music once or twice in the evening before going to bed and the night will be calmer.


Adults who wanted to experiment with this music listened to it before going to bed, have told us about the effects of a profound relaxation and a calm night. We think that even for you, parents of prematurely born infants, who are stressed, this music can help. When listening to the music we recommend you lay on your back, hands and feet relaxed and simply let yourself go.