Industry Recognition

15th German Preemie Conference

The Breath of a New Life presented in Siegen – Germany in 2014. Presented by Tibor Levay.

Featured at Medical Exhibition

The Espero audio system was exhibited at a Neonatological and Paediatric Intensive Medicine care exhibition in Germany.

1st International Congress for Music in Therapy, Medicine and Advice

 The Breath of a New Life presented in Hamburg – Germany, in 2003. Presented by Ibolya Levay.


Magazine for Child Nurses

Featured on the cover as “Music Therapy”. The following pages discuss everything about our music therapy for premature babies, “The Breath of a New Life”. Including an explanation of our results measured in clinics.

MedCare Catalog featuring the Espero Audio system

The Espero audio system is a special tool installed on incubators, with 2 speakers inside the incubator that plays the music therapy at an optimal listening level for premature babies.