About Us

Ibolya Lévay

Musicologist & Health Consultant

Born in the year 1957. She studied singing and Musicology at the Philosophical Faculty in Ljubljana / Slovenia. For many years she taught singing and music theory. She studied naturopathy at the German Paracelsus Schools in Munich. Today Ibolya is an active health consultant.

About Us. Tibor and Ibolya Levay, together developed the Preemie Music Therapy, music for NICU babies.
Ibolya, Rafael, Tibor, Lili

Tibor Lévay

Composer & Producer

Born in the year 1956. He studied composition at the Music Academy in Budapest/Hungary. Over 30 years experience in the composition of international film music for movies and TV. Since 1988 he was intensively concerned with music for babies. This inspired him to create the series:

This series consists of 4 Albums, which are particularly adjusted to the needs of babies. 
Many grateful letters of mothers confirm the assistance and reassuring effect of this music production. 

Album 1 – Sleeping
Album 2 – Feeding
Album 3 – Focusing
Album 4 – Power for the Mother

Dear parents,

We would like to address a few personal lines to you.

Our son Rafael had to be operated on his second day of life. A heavy complicated intervention, which was, to our joy accomplished successfully.
We were with him day and night and became part of the community of physicians, the tiny patients and the difficult life situation, which we were not prepared for. Due to the above mentioned baby series. We were simultaneously very impressed by the commitment of the physicians and parents equally, who all tried everything, which stood in their power to help the courageous small patients or improve their situation.

Outgoing from our good experiences in the field of the relaxation music for babies (whom we had used with our son in the intensive care unit and thereafter) we have considered to make a contribution, to the help for premature infants.

Due to as mentioned above the baby series “Grand masterpieces for small ears” we were approached simultaneous by Mrs. Sabine Doerr, (former 1. Chairman – Fruehchene.V.) and Mrs. Dr. Monika Noecker Ribaupierre (music therapist and European representative for premature children). With their co-initiative the project “The breath of a new life” was developed and created.

With the use of our conceived therapeutic music the results on premature infants are considerable. We endeavour to intensify our co-operation within our network because it is in the interest of these small patients.

We are pleased, if we can help you and your family with the implementation of our music. We are interested in your experiences, your physicians and, if they can show it, our small patients, whom it finally concerns.

Here we would like to thank sincerely Mr. Professor Dr. Christoph Vogtmann, University Clinic Leipzig/ Germany, and the music therapist Dr. Monika Noecker Ribaupierre, for their professional active support in such an important project.

Voice: Uta Dubrau
Monochord, Voice: Ibolya Lévay
Altblockflöte, Okarina, Keyboards -Sounddesign, Voice: Tibor Lévay
Concept, Composition: Tibor Lévay
Concept: Ibolya Lévay
Produced by Tibor Lévay und Ibolya Lévay

With kind regards

Ibolya and Tibor Lévay