Preemie Music Therapy

Improve your premature baby's breathing, heart rate and oxygen saturation.


This music has helped our premature baby so much. We started playing the therapy during the pregnancy as we knew our girl would be born early. After her birth when she was in the NICU, the doctors told us she needs to stay for 7 days. We continued the music therapy, she made amazing progress and was able to leave 3 days earlier. Once she was at home, within a month, she gained 1kg. We are very thankful.

Cayman Island

When our baby was in the NICU we started to play this music and noticed that the results for breathing and oxygen saturation improved.  It has helped a big amount, we are grateful.


We use it to help our daughter fall sleep. Even now 4 years later we still use it. It has helped a tremendous amount. 


Thank you for your support. When playing the music we can feel the difference on our baby, he is calmer and sleeps better.